Soap Dispensers Australia offer a vast selection of soap and hand sanitizer dispensers ranging from state of the art, high-end automatic dispensers to manual and even commercial grade dispensers.

Whoever you are and whatever purpose you need a soap dispenser for, we assure you that we have an option that will fit in your bathroom, kitchen, hallway, doorway, or another high traffic area, whether for your home or for the workplace.

With the emergence of Covid-19, sanitation measures are now more important than ever and proper handwashing is the tried and true method that prevents the spread of disease from the hands.

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Soap & Sanitiser Dispensers for your home

There are a few automatic soap dispenser and sanitizer dispenser options available for the home, with brands ranging from simplyhuman to Secura. All available brands are cord free and rechargeable, and having a contact free option for sanitation such as a foaming hand sanitizer in a doorway would be an effective way to prevent the entry of disease into your home that is carried on the hands. In addition, contact free dispensers provide a sanitary and easy way of applying soap to one’s hands when things get messy, creating one less thing to clean in the kitchen. Most available automatic soap dispensers can mount directly to the wall, adding the benefit of being able to keep things neat, orderly, and modern.

soap dispenser for your home bathroom or kitchen
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Commercial & Workplace Soap Dispensers

The workplace is potentially the highest trafficked area an individual encounters throughout the course of the day, elevating the potential to encounter Covid-19 amongst a host of other illnesses that are carried on and spread through the hands and person-to-person contact. As an individual in a lead position at a business, you may drastically reduce the contagion potential and help to protect employees by making the proactive decision to install one of the many automatic soap dispenser or hand sanitiser dispenser options available on the website. Although the best soap dispenser for the business or workplace depends on a few different variables, rest assured that you may find one that fits the bill. As an individual in a workplace, an electronic dispenser will fit nicely and neatly on a desk or in a workspace, putting the individual in total control of their hand hygiene.

Soap & Sanitiser Dispenser FAQs

Is A Soap Dispenser The Same As A Hand Sanitiser Dispenser?

Yes and no. While they both dispense sanitary products, some automatic dispensers can hold and dispense alcohol-based consumables without damage to any parts while others cannot. This solely depends on the product manufacturer. If the intent is to purchase dispenser that is universal, it is strongly recommended to research the product prior to purchase to ensure that it can fill that role without damage to the unit.

How Do I Find The Best Soap Dispenser For Me?

This one is a little open-ended, but the recommendation here is to consider your needs, the role you want it to fill, and where it will be placed. Is it going into a public restroom or into a personal kitchen? Will it be used for the workplace or private use? Is it expected to serve the sanitation needs of a multitude of people or will it serve just a few or only one individual? Take these things into consideration as you decide which dispenser will suit you and your needs best.

How Do Soap Dispensers Work?

This depends largely on the type of dispenser and the brand. Manual pump dispensers are fairly simple and evacuate air out of the tube that goes into the liquid soap when the pump is depressed, creating a negative pressure vacuum that draws soap into the tube and out of the spigot. Automatic dispensers are a little more complex. Some burst infrared or microwave energy out of a sensor and dispense soap when the presence of an object bounces it back into the sensor while others use a focused light or a laser with a sensor and dispenses the soap when the presence of a hand is detected in the beam. Simplyhuman has patented an air induction system that infuses microbubbles into the soap to create a balanced texture.

Are Soap Dispensers Effective At Killing Germs And The Coronavirus?

Automatic dispensers remove the “touch” factor of hand sanitisation and make it so that if there are germs or coronavirus on somebody’s hands, they stay there and are taken care of by the soap or sanitiser. With contact-free being the MO for 2020, an automatic dispenser is the most sanitary way to go versus a manual dispenser or a bar of soap.