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Other than them being fancy and modern, automatic soap dispensers are very convenient and easy to use. They are designed to minimize any point of contact hence reducing the spread of bacteria, germs or viruses. An automatic soap dispenser dispenses a standard amount of soap by detecting the infrared energy produced by your hand. The energy causes a fluctuation in the dispenser, triggering the pump to dispense the soap.

What is an automatic soap dispenser?

An automatic soap dispenser is a device designed to dispense a standard amount of soap, or other cleaning liquid automatically. That is, without having to touch it physically. Usually, an automatic soap dispenser will give out approximately 1.5ml of soap, reducing excessive use of the soap.

How does an automatic soap dispenser work?

An automatic soap dispenser works by detecting infrared energy produced by someone’s body heat using its in-built infrared sensor. When you place your hand in the proximity of the sensor, it will detect your infrared energy causing a quick fluctuation within the device. The fluctuation causes activation of the pump, leading to the dispensation of the designated amount of soap.

Can you put a hand sanitizer in an automatic soap dispenser?

The answer is yes! There are specific automatic soap dispensers that can work correctly with both soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizer. However, before assuming that your soap dispenser can also be used to dispense hand sanitizer, you should consider certain factors.
The inner tanks and pump of the dispenser should be resistant enough to work with alcohol-based liquids and gels as they are more acidic than regular soap. A right pump and tank should be highly resistant to the corrosion of alcohol in a hand sanitizer, to increase their longevity.
If it’s your first tome buying a soap dispenser, consider buying one with an easily changeable tank. Meaning, if you want to change from soap to hand sanitizer, you’ll only change the tank and not the whole machine.
Ensure the material of the tank is made of non-degradable plastic that will remain strong against contact with any amount of alcohol.
Finally, ensure the tank has a lid to avoid evaporation of the alcohol.

Can you put regular soap into an automatic soap dispenser?

Yes, you can put regular soap into an automatic hand sanitizer as long as the soap does not have exfoliants or beads. Using a regular soap with these precipitates on an automatic soap dispenser may lead to clogging of the pump or cause the pump to struggle while dispensing soap.
It is also advisable to use the dispenser more often to avoid it drying and thickening up.

How do you compare automatic soap dispensers?

Automatic soap dispensers are compared depending on their battery life, what they dispense(liquid soap or foam) and the manufacturer.
A secura 17oz/500ml premium touchless automatic soap dispenser has water-resistant batteries which makes it easy to clean. Unlike other dispensers, it has an adjustable volume control switch that helps in controlling the amount of soap being dispensed per use. It is stylish and attractive, with a high-quality chrome and black finishing. A secura 17oz/500ml premium touchless automatic soap dispense is unique with its clear soap container and its highly sensitive infrared sensor that detects your hand from as far as 2.75 inches away.

On the other hand, a Simplehuman Rechargeable Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser is made with a brush metal design that makes it fit perfectly in any bathroom or kitchen. It has a clog proof tubing that ensures consistent and precise liquid soap flow.

The simple human creation has a high-tech infrared sensor that dispenses liquid soap or hand sanitizer with regards to your hand proximity; when your hands are up close, the dispenser will automatically dispense a smaller amount of soap compared to when your hand is farther away.
It has other impeccable features that make it stand out in the market like, an IP67 waterproof rating, easy funnel for refilling, flexible silicone valves that ensure zero dripping and a rechargeable battery that can last up to three months.

A Xiaomi Mijia Electronic Foaming Dispenser has a 320ml container and dispenses 0.8ml of foam peruse. It takes a quarter of a second to detect and release foam, therefore ensuring there is no delay when you place your hand below the sensor.

It has a patented micro-foam pump and bipolar separation screen that saves the amount of soap used. The foam has gas and liquid in the ratio of 12:1, making it rich and dense, hence killing germs by penetrating deep into the pores. The dispenser is manufactured in only one colour, white, which makes it fit in any room setting.

How do you unclog automatic soap dispensers?

If the blockage is not too thick, you can directly backflush the dispenser with water or a thinner soap to clear the dried soap causing the blockage. If the blockage is too thick, the only option is to disassemble the device and remove it.

Start by removing the three screws at the bottom of the dispenser and remove the bottom part.

Remove the pulley and the pump from the motor.

Remove the electronic board and the base by removing the two screws holding them. You will get easier access to the pump tube.

Finally, clean the tube by removing hardened soap that causes the clog. You can use a long thin rod to push the material out or a syringe which allows you to force water through the tube. You can also use a SmartWater bottle with a sports cap, but it may not fit into the tube.

After cleaning the tube, resemble the device fitting everything as it was earlier.

Are automatic soap dispensers effective at killing germs?

Yes. Automatic soap dispensers are automatic. Meaning, they do not need any pressing while getting soap. The infrared detectors ensure there is little to none contact between you and the dispenser.

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